eFarmer Conference Programme

Wednesday 31 January 2007

9-10.00. Arrival. Registrations, welcome package, coffee.

10.00: Conference opening and introductory presentation:

  • Leading representative of conference patrone (ARDA/MARD)

  • Mr. Jozsef Molnar, Rector, St. Stephen University
  • Download presentation Mr. Michal Demes, FAO information systems officer in the CEE region
  • Download presentation Mr. Peter Wellich, IACS Project Manager, Hungarian Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (ARDA)

Morning plennary session

Keynote presentations (10.30-13.30)

10.30.-10.45:Download presentation eFarmer project wrap-up, objectives and results. Mr. Attila Tóth, eFarmer Project Director, Novitech Plc, Kosice, Slovakia.

10.45-11.15:Download presentation Knowledge exchange infrastructure for Agricultural Research and Technology. Mr. Johannes Keizer, Food and Agriculture Organisation, (GILW) Information Systems Officer.

11.15-11.45:Download presentation Background of SAPS and Top-Up rules, possibile options of transition to the Single Payment Scheme . Mr. Tamas Bori, Policy Officer, European Commission DG AGRI Unit 1 - Direct support.

Coffee break (11.45-12.00)

12.00-12.30:Download presentation Farm Advisory System in the scope of Cross Compliance obligations and possibilities for the new Member States. Ms. Inge Van Oost, Policy Officer, European Commission DG AGRI Unit 1 - Direct support.

12.30-13.00:Download presentation Paying Agency electronic claiming services in Hungary in collaboration with eFarmer project. Mr. Tibor Csepregi, director of CAP direct payments, Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (ARDA).

13.00-13.30:Download presentation Financial Management of the Common Agricultural Policy. Ms. Athene Neszmelyi, National Expert, European Commission DG Agri Unit I/4 Financial Management of EAGGF. HU

Long break (13.30-14.00)

Lunch, product presentations, demonstrations, poster exhibition.

Afternoon session (14.00-15.10)

14.00-14.10:Promotion of eFarmer portal through Info Days as an example of effective cooperation of Polish regional agricultural chambers. Mr. Roman Kotowicz, KRIR (National Council of Agricultural Chambers), Poland.

14.10-14.30:Download presentation SAPS claim submission service through an electronic platform - experiences from mutual pilotage of KRIR and a Polish Payment Agency. Mr. Adrian Zach, ARMiR (Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture), Poland.

14.30-14.50:Download presentation Pedagogical and Psychological Aspects in eFarmer Education. Ms. Dana Linhartová, Mr. Pavel Máchal, Alena Krejčí. MZLU (Mendel University, Brno), Czech Republic.

14.50-15.10:Download presentation Using of eLearning in Polish Agricultural Advisory. Mr. Rafał Rzepkowski, Centre for Agricultural Advisory in Brwinów, Poland.

Coffee break (15.10-15.30)

Partners&Stakeholders Group Session (15.30-)

Download presentation Agro R+D project online presence - communication strategy and practise. Mr. Bence Bolyki, Agroinform.Com Publisher.

Download presentation AGROffice –  Progis solutions for agriculture, forestry, ecology and rural area management. Mr. Walter Mayer, president. PROGIS AG, Villach, Austria.

Download presentation FAS (Farm Advisory Service) as a business partner: a new integrated approach based on Progis solutions. Mr. Arman Manukyan, marketing director. PROGIS AG.

Download presentation The LANDWIRT.COM Portal. Mr. Thomas Muehlbacher, CEO, Austria

Download presentation Internet based weed management advisory information system for crop production. Mr. Levente Barkaszi.

Thursday 1 February 2007

Morning plennary (9.30-12.20)

9.30-9.50:Download presentation eFarmer project – behind the project. Mr. Tibor Sutóris, eFarmer Project Manager. Novitech Plc, Kosice, Slovakia.

9.50-10.10:Download presentation Information regarding rural development for 2007-2013 in Slovakia. Mr. Ľubomír Miček, general director of Rural Development department, Ministry of Agriculture Slovakia. SK.

10.10-10.30:Download presentation Chances of Support of Agricultural-Food Sector with Interactive Internet Platform. Ms. Kinga Żak-Zdybel, Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

10.30-10.50:Download presentation Hungarian Land Parcel Identification System in assistance of electronic claim workflow. Mr. Gabor Csornai, Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing (FÖMI).

10.50-11.10:Download presentation Practical results and perspectives for electronic claim submission in Hungary. Mr. Laszlo Gabor Papocsi, SzIE eFarmer Project coordinator (SzIE-GAK).

Coffee break (11.10-11.20)

11.20-11.40:Download presentation The directs payments system in the Czech Republic in the framework of eFarmer project. Mr. Jaroslav Jansky, Ms. Radka Redlichova, Mr. Zdenek Havlicek, Mendel University, Brno, Czech Republic.

11.40-12.00:Download presentation The role of advisory system in the implementation of CAP reform. Mr. Imre Wayda, chief advisor, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Hungary.

12.00-12.20:Download presentation eSAPS 2006 advisory support experiences. Mr. László Novák, chief advisor, Euro Ökofarm Project, Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary.

Long break (12.20-13.30)

Lunch, product presentations, demonstrations, poster exhibition.

Afternoon session (13.30-14.30)

13.30-13.50:Download presentation Farm management advisory information service based on Farm Accountancy Data Network resources by reuse of public information for agricultural enterprises. Mr. Szilard Keszthelyi, head of economic analysis department. Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AKII).

13.50-14.10:Download presentation An assessment of advisory activities. Mr. M. Mišovič, Ms. J.Andrýsková, MZLU (Mendel University, Brno), Czech Republic.

14.10-14.30: Proposal for international outreach of the eFarmer project towards know how transfer to other countries. Mr. Jan Krouzek. National Project Coordinator:

Coffee break (14.30-14.40)

eFarmer Group Session (14.40-)

Download presentation Implementation of eFarmer System. Mr. Milan Varga, eFarmer chief developer. Novitech Plc, Kosice, Slovakia.

Download presentation Building network of Polish eFarmers through eFarmer Project. Ms. Beata Paul. KRIR (National Council of Agricultural Chambers)

Experience with the implementation of regional info days and workshops promoting eFarmer project in the Czech Republic. Mr. J. Záhorka, Ms. J. Nekvasilová. AKCR Chamber of Agriculture, Prague.

Experience with the implementation of regional  workshops with focus on the follow-up for market development. Ms. S. Berecová, Mr. J. Havlíček. AKCR/MZLU (Mendel University, Brno), Czech Republic.

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